Backlighting canola flower – original photography mountain hut Stream blog prose

Backlighting canola flowers

Photography original prose mountain hut Stream

Dim backlight

Reflected in your crooked branches

As girlish

With a romantic at heart

Wen Wan bow

Let your face surging breeze

Blooming beautiful smile

Cross petals

Jun scenery engraved with your appearance

The milk flowing

Dissolve blood clots in humans swollen

Fruitful seed

After refining

Nourishing the human body

Backlighting canola flowers

Selfless flashing light

Backlighting canola flowers

Shining selfless youth

逆光中的芸苔花 山中小涧博客逆光中的芸苔花 山中小涧博客.jpg1逆光中的芸苔花 山中小涧博客.jpg2逆光中的芸苔花 山中小涧博客.jpg3逆光中的芸苔花 山中小涧博客.jpg4逆光中的芸苔花 山中小涧博客.jpg5逆光中的芸苔花 山中小涧博客.jpg6Backlighting canola flower – original photography mountain hut Stream blog prose

At 15:44 on May 15 2017, written in Ireland

Small mountain stream image original literary blog space

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